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Descartes Insurance complements the Group’s offering by opening up our coverage to a wider range of exposed clients in France and several European countries and revolutionizing the insurance process from quotation to claims payment.


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in several European countries

Descartes' office in Paris

Science-driven, client-first

Descartes Insurance, part of the Descartes Group, operates as a full-stack insurer licensed to underwrite climate, natural and emerging risks in France and in several other EEA countries. 

With Descartes Insurance, our focus remains intact, as does our science-driven, client-first approach. 

Outpacing the industry with a growing tech team of underwriters, engineers and climate scientists, Descartes’ expertise in understanding and pricing natural and emerging risks remains unparalleled. With Descartes Insurance, we can leverage our in-house expertise to directly issue insurance policies.

From quotation, to claims payment and renewals, Descartes Insurance is infusing technology to revolutionize the insurance process and client experience. Beyond our scientific aptitude and agility, we’ve structured a tech-driven finance and ops system designed to be responsive, transparent, and client-first. Integrating the best technologies and investing heavily in R&D, we provide straightforward, affordable coverage for mid-market clients of all industries against the full spectrum of climate and emerging risks.


What range of capacity can be offered by Descartes Insurance?

Both Descartes Insurance and Descartes Underwriting are backed by a panel of A-rated (re)insurers. 

The Descartes Group is able to provide up to $10 M in capacity per policy through Descartes Insurance and up to $ 200M in capacity per policy  through Descartes Underwriting, with the backing of tier-one third party risk carriers.

Where is Descartes Insurance able to issue policies?

Descartes Insurance can issue policies in France (including DOM-TOM), Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands and expects to be licensed to do so in a number of other countries part of the European Economic Area (EEA). 

Descartes Underwriting can issue policies worldwide. 

What lines of business will Descartes Insurance underwrite?

In full continuity with Descartes Underwriting and our commitment to a science-driven, client-first approach, protection against extreme weather, natural catastrophes, and emerging risks comprises the main focus of Descartes Insurance. 

That being said, Descartes’ product range continuously evolves to provide natural catastrophe and climate protection to a wider range of clients, and in time, additional exposures, emerging risks, and product lines that create seamless insurance solutions.

What is the Descartes Insurance claims process?

Claims submitted to Descartes Insurance are handled entirely in-house. We leverage our advanced technology and proximity as a risk carrier to deliver a transparent, smooth, and extremely time-effective process in which the client experience leads the industry.

What is the relationship between Descartes Insurance and Descartes Underwriting?

Within the Descartes Group, Descartes Underwriting is the parent company of Descartes Insurance.

Descartes Insurance is an entity of the Descartes Group licensed as a full-stack risk carrier by the ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution) in France and by other regulatory entities in several European countries. 

Globally, Descartes Underwriting operates as an MGA, in full continuation and valued partnership with the world's most prominent risk carriers to offer parametric covers against the full spectrum of Nat Cat & climate risks.

Who can I contact in case of customer complaints?

Your satisfaction is important to us. To file a complaint, please contact:

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