Leveraging our in-house AI-powered proprietary models algorithms backed by the latest scientific research and long-term climate data to unlock risk insights and provide state-of-the-art robust insurance solutions to our clients and carriers.


climate experts underwriters, software engineers & data scientists from leading universities, of which 25% with PhDs


parametric insurance products available - ranging from parametric blockbusters to emerging risks for 20+ perils


technology and data partners enabling worldwide coverage

True to our namesake, we strive to develop technologies in an agile, methodical and unbiased approach, aimed at challenging the status quo of insurance and closing the protection gaps in times of a changing risk landscape. Our agnostic modelling leads to a robust pricing that enables us to reconcile emerging risks and capital.

Built by an international team of PhDs, Risk Modellers and Software engineers, our models help us to envision the exact nature of each peril by capturing the underlying phenomenon, trends and climate change impacts directly.

Robust machine learning algorithms, image recognition techniques, and leading stochastic analysis enable us to deliver underwriting services for more than 35 parametric products trusted by our top tier (re)insurance partners without compromising on the integrity of our models.

Our analytical tools handle a wide range of data sources, such as satellite imagery, IoT, sensors, radar, and sonar data, all provided by our more than 80 sector-leading data and technology partners. They have all successfully gone through a strong selection process ensuring full confidence in their outputs.

Our technology is at the core of what empowers us to rapidly deploy bespoke solutions to our corporate and public sector clients anywhere in the world.

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