A new generation of insurance that builds resilience against climate, cyber and other emerging risks.

Descartes collaborates with brokers worldwide to insure corporate and public sector clients against climate, cyber and other emerging risks, through a unique data-driven approach.

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Descartes’ Value Proposition

The future of insurance against a changing climate & risk landscape

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Deep Understanding of Climate Risk

Our highly specialized teams, comprising experts in meteorology, climatology, physics, data science, and software engineering, are dedicated to understanding and modeling climate risks. By leveraging robust, data-driven technology, we employ a forward-looking perspective, pushing the boundaries of parametric insurance and challenging standard approaches to insurance.

Valuable Capacity and Premium Stability

In response to the growing protection gap, this new generation of insurance products offers valuable insurance capacity at reasonable premiums, even in highly exposed regions and for clients with a history of catastrophe losses. As a standalone cover or as a complement to existing policies, Descartes’ parametric solutions create a more resilient future for clients facing severe underinsurance or self-insurance.

Transparent Coverage and Swift Indemnification

We collaborate closely with clients and brokers to establish objective parameters and bespoke payout structures, eliminating ambiguity about when, how, and how much the policy will pay out. Plus, with the transparent compensation index, payments can be made quickly and with complete certainty, no longer requiring on-site loss adjustment and avoiding depreciation and inflation from delayed payments.

Financial Freedom

With flexible and bespoke solutions that pay out based on predefined triggering events, rather than actual incurred losses, insured clients enjoy full financial freedom to use the received capital for any direct or indirect expenses resulting from the event. Instead of meticulously proving and invoicing incurred damages over several months, a straightforward declaration of loss is sufficient to access the indemnity within days.

What is Parametric Insurance?

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Event-based coverage for climate & emerging risks

Parametric insurance is event-driven, meaning that it pays out when a predefined event occurs using an escalating payout structure. This approach eliminates on-site loss adjustment, reduces uncertainty, and expedites the claims process.


Complementary to insurance

As a complement to existing insurance programs or a standalone cover, parametric insurance expands coverage beyond physical assets to fill protection gaps left by indemnity insurance and reduce risk exposure.


Utilizing data at its core

Each parametric product has its index derived and back-tested from parameters made of various high-quality datasets and sources. By leveraging proprietary risk models employing advanced techniques, parametric insurance adds a new dimension to understanding the client’s risk exposure from a new data-driven and data-tested perspective.

Parametric insurance
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Our technology

Our technology

Descartes’ innovative edge stems from our ability to handle massive new data sources and apply proprietary algorithms that extract value for our clients. We utilize machine learning and advanced algorithms to unlock valuable underwriting insights from a wide range of sources, including IoT, satellite imagery, stationary sensors, radar and third party data.

Not limited to looking backwards at claims history, we model the underlying phenomenon directly, capturing trends and potential climate change impacts to better protect corporate and public sector clients.

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Our case studies are all over the world

Utilizing Machine Learning and real-time monitoring from satellite imagery & IoT, our state-of-the-art technology helps businesses bounce back faster against climate, cyber and other emerging risks.

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