Parametric Insurance for Financial Institutions and Lenders

Mitigate the natural risk exposure in your portfolio and protect your margin and balance sheet with parametric insurance. Our innovative solutions covers both direct and indirect financial losses arising from natural events, ensuring financial stability and resilience.

Financial institutions, including banks, private equity firms, and real estate funds, carry within their portfolios significant exposure to natural perils and extreme weather events that threaten the profitability of their investments. As a consequence of tropical cyclones, earthquakes, floods, and hail storms, these events can severely impact the profitability of portfolios leading to potential loan defaults, underperformance, and a challenging sales environment. Alongside the growing regulatory demands to account for such risks, parametric insurance emerges as a flexible and reliable tool for understanding and managing natural risks within portfolios, while obtaining stable premiums over many years amidst volatile market conditions.

With parametric insurance, financial institutions and lenders can optimize their natural risk exposure, ensure continuous profitability in case of catastrophes, and support the risk and insurance management capabilities of their clients.

Descartes’ advanced algorithms, extensive data access , and deep risk insights enable us to design bespoke solutions tailored to the specific exposures of each portfolio. Our global insurance capacity covers even the most remote locations, allowing banks to hedge their risk even in capacity-strained regions—from Florida to Fiji. 

Enhancing the financial freedom of our clients, we offer prompt payouts  within days of an event, enabling risk managers to address both direct and indirect financial losses arising from natural catastrophes. Thus, parametric insurance provides full flexibility to allocate funds as needed and empowers financial institutions with reliable, quick, and transparent event data to meet the expectations of investors and stakeholders.

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