A parametric insurance dedicated to climate, cyber and other emerging risks

With advances in data and technology over the last decade, parametric insurance is becoming an adopted insurance product for sophisticated corporate and public sector companies. Our new generation of parametric solutions offer robust resilience to business interruption as well as impacts from climate change, cyber and emerging risks

A simple & transparent cover

Step 1

Cover is based on pre-defined parameters (e.g. distance to a cyclone track and cyclone wind speed) & pre-agreed indemnity (expected financial loss)

Step 2

We monitor the evolution of these parameters and whether a threshold is triggered using verified third party data from reputable providers (NOAA, JMA, USGS, etc.)

Step 3

When a triggering event occurs, upon notification, clients swiftly receive compensation, often within a matter of days.

A swift indemnification process

<5 days

Upon receipt of all required documentation, clients are indemnified in less than 5 days, in the majority of cases.

Parametric insurance pays out when a predefined event (e.g. flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc.) occurs as measured by a specified parameter, or index. 

Driven by objective data and near real-time monitoring from IoT, radar, and satellite imagery, parametric insurance provides a means to guarantee liquidity, via swift, direct payout, following a qualifying event. With no on-the-ground loss adjustment required, a parametric cover keeps cost low while offering precise protection. 

Claims process and timeline may varie in line with each policies' specificities.

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Key advantages



Our easy-to-follow insurance wordings of parametric solutions are enabled by third-party data accessible to clients & brokers, providing added transparency through a straight-forward and clearly defined data-driven claims process.



Our advanced algorithms, in-depth risk data, and expert knowledge facilitate the full understanding of a risk, empowering solutions with unmatched accuracy and applicability to the client's vulnerabilities.



Our covers are fully flexible and structured to the client's specifications, unlocking coverage outside of typical insurance boundaries and with the financial freedom to service any insurable interest.



Our methodoloy is fully data-driven backed by long running weather data, climate models as well as earth observation technology and on-site sensors, assessing each risk objectively under consideration of historic events and mitigations.

Parametric approach only requires a few data points

  • Location file or GPS coordinates
  • Historical loss records
  • Installation of on-site sensors or other data for certain hazards
  • For specific products, additional relevant data may be required
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