Parametric insurance for the Manufacturing Industry

Discover how manufacturers worldwide achieve excellence in insurance management by integrating parametric insurance for natural risks, optimizing their risk placement in an evolving landscape.

The manufacturing sector, from multinational giant firms to local leaders, faces significant threats of both property damage and business interruption due to natural disasters and extreme weather events. Valuable and hard-to-replace machinery, supply chains dependent on functional infrastructure, and facilities located in risk-prone areas all require substantial insurance capacity to ensure comprehensive protection against severe events such as cyclones, earthquakes, storms, and floods.

Descartes’ parametric insurance offers manufacturing risk managers a tailored solution to address complex risk placements. Whether by complementing or replacing existing insurance programs, our bespoke solutions effectively mitigate the most pressing natural risks.

With Descartes, risk managers and their brokers gain the support needed for multinational insurance programs. Our flexible, multi-layered coverage provides valuable capacity for challenging perils, while our streamlined, efficient claims process ensures smooth transitions from initial quotations to indemnification within days. Additionally, our global partner network allows us to issue policies worldwide, fully aligned with the requirements of any insurance program. Leveraging parametric insurance with Descartes enables risk managers to optimize their risk placement, supporting both their primary insurance needs and captive arrangements.

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