Parametric Earthquake Insurance for New Zealand

Descartes offers a range of cutting-edge solutions to cover earthquake and follow-on exposures, such as landshake and liquefaction, landslides, tsunamis & volcanic activity.

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We cover client’s earthquake exposure in all sectors, offering full flexibility and swift payouts for:

Public infrastructure: roads, bridges, and dams

Industrial buildings

Strategic supply chain assets

Underground network & utilities

High value property

Aerial view of land impacted by seismic activity

Quote requirements


Statement of values (SOV):

All information pertaining to the location, i.e: GPS coordinates, build, construction, roof covering etc.


Loss record:

Information about past earthquake events (e.g. losses, years) to help calibrate the model


Budget & sum insured:

Parametric structures are infinitely flexible, and we strive to match the client’s budget


Risk engineering report (if available):

Report assessing the assets’ vulnerability to the peril

case study example

Earthquake risk for property assets


On November 14, 2016, a magnitude 7.8 Earthquake struck the north-eastern Kaikoura region on the South Island of New Zealand.


In this highly earthquakeexposed region, the parametric cover would have provided the client with the following:


Client location: sum insured NZD 100M, impacted by PGA (peak ground acceleration) = 0.166g

payout structure
The client would receive $10M 10% on the $100M sum insured
Eathquake PGA scale

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