Unparalleled Protection for T&D Exposure in Bangladesh

Our parametric covers offer an alternative solution

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Pain points in covering overhead T&D lines:

Limited capacity in the traditional indemnity market

Widespread power interruptions following Nat Cat & severe weather events, impacting economic acitivity and supply chains

Clients forced to pay significant additional project costs due to Nat-Cat damage/delays on network lines

Premium rate hikes when market conditions harden

T&D (Transmission & Distribution) line

Key benefits


Fresh capacity:

Parametric products offer an alternative to un-insured risks


Customised protection:

Flexible and straight-forward structure tailored to clients needs



Certainty of indemnification with pre-agreed thresholds & payout amounts


Timely claims payment:

On-site monitoring, weather stations, & location data enables real-time claims assessment & quick payout following a triggering event

case study example

Case study example

Overhead T&D networks have extensive exposure to cyclone risk, which is what a client experienced when Tropical Cyclone Mocha hit their large telecom company on May 14, 2023.


Having suffered recent losses, they faced premium rate hikes. Meanwhile, their dispersed distribution also added challenge to the traditional loss adjustment process, resulting in payment delays & shortfalls.


If covered at the time, our parametric cover could map the grid & network of T&D lines, providing a granular assessment of their cyclone exposure, with payout structured according to wind speed.


In the case of a policy-triggering windstorm event, near real-time monitoring of storm track and intensity data would have allowed for payment within a few days - with no need to undergo the hassle of loss-adjustment on wide-spread assets.

payout structure

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