Protecting the Tourism Industry Against Flood Risk

Our parametric covers offer an alternative solution

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The frequency & severity of flooding events across Australia has led to:

Traditional carriers declining flood cover altogether due to recent loss events and high exposure.

Increasing numbers of self-insured clients or higher imposed deductibles for flood risk.

Significant disruptions to the tourism industry (main roads closed, forced shutdowns etc.), resulting in a loss of attraction and access.

resort impacted by flood

Key benefits


Fresh capacity:

Parametric products offer an alternative to under or un-covered risks.


Customised protection:

Flexibility and straight-forward structure tailored to clients needs.



Certainty of capacity and pricing year on year.


Timely claims payment:

On-site monitoring, public gauges, BOM data & satellite imagery allow realtime claims assessment, enabling a quick payout post-event, helping businesses return to usual operations quickly.

case study example

Case study

Learn how a tourism client could protect their caravan and tourism park against flood risk in Lismore, New South Wales:


The summer of 2022 was meant to mark a return to busy holiday trade for the East Coast following 2 years of economic pain due to the pandemic. However, the Eastern floods overturned the client’s hopes, with their caravan park experiencing excessive flooding and immense damages. The traditional market responded by restricting capacity and tightening treaty reinsurance, leaving the client facing a harsh reality in search of adequate coverage.


To avoid a repeat scenario, the client and their broker transferred their flood risk to a parametric policy custom-tailored to their needs and budget, particularly as their assets are in flood-prone areas.


Structured off of historical backtesting, if repeated, the 2022 floods would have surpassed the pre-defined policy thresholds. In this case, they would receive a rapid insurance payout to cover repair costs and bridge the non-damage business interruption impacts on their balance sheet.

payout structure
flood map

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