Cyber Shutdown Cover | Descartes Underwriting
Group 8
Business interruption constitutes 75% of ransomware attack impacts

We designed a cyber offer for corporates, including manufacturers, retailers and other industrials, to concretely address their increasing exposure to ransomware attacks. Built from the same standard of data-driven excellence and using our proprietary cyber risk model, Descartes Insurance is proud to support brokers and their clients against ransomware driven cyber shutdown.

1. Antivirus Software and Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

All laptops and servers within your organization must be equipped with up-to-date Endpoint Detection Response (EDR).

2. Dedicated Cybersecurity Resources

Identify an individual or team responsible for monitoring, managing and responding to cyber threats.

3. Comprehensive Backup Policy

Implement a backup policy that provides concrete evidence of your ability to manage data safely, including offline backups.

4. Additional requirements

Descartes may apply supplementary requirements specific to a firm’s assessed level of exposure.