Our technology — Descartes
Group 8

Our Approach

Engage with brokers to discuss the peak peril & climate risk challenges clients are facing

Descartes’ team probes and harnesses a plethora of datasets to best evaluate specific exposure attributes.


Develop parameters customized to clients’ needs

Our capacity to handle big data, integrate multiple source formats and apply cutting-edge statistical techniques, enables us to design the optimal insurance cover. Depending on the peril, we require certain information from the client, such as: GPS coordinates or shapefile of the location(s) to be insured, risk period, sum insured, or crop value to be covered. 


Model risk & build parametric policy

Utilizing algorithms developed in-house, we model the underlying phenomenon of the exposure(s) to precisely quantify the risk of a given peril impacting a client’s business or supply chain. We build bespoke parametric protection that pushes the edge of insight and seamlessly extend time series to understand previously uninsurable climate risks. Based on the client’s risk appetite, we flexibly structure the pricing to provide the perfectly tailored parametric cover. 


Monitor exposure

With the policy in place, we monitor how the parameters evolve in near-real-time using data from official government statistics, weather station data, satellite imagery, on-site sensors, and more. 


Swift payout if event occurs

If triggered, clients are notified and swiftly indemnified, often in a matter of days